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Research Projects

Motion Control

Avoidance Motion Using Motion Graph
(MIG 2011)
Automatic Learning of Motion Rules from Control Logs
(CASA 2010)
Motion Control of Virtual Humans with Dynamics
Motion Control Interface

Multi-touch Interface for Character Motion Control
(WSCG 2012, VC 2010)
Automatic Leaning of Motion Recognition Model
(ISVC 2010)
Motion Control Using Data Gloves
(CGAT 2009)
Sketch-Based Interface for Crowd Animation
(SG 2009, Interaction 2009)
Motion-Capture-Based Avatar Control Framework
(ACE 2006)
Motion Control with Strokes
(CASA 2005)
Pen-based Interface for Motion Control
(SMB 2004, CAG 2005)
Dynamic Simulation of the
Appearance of Virtual Humans

Skin Deformations Using Dynamic Patterns
(ArtsIT 2009)
Real-time Hair Simulation on GPU
(CASA 2007)
Real-time Cloth Simulation and Virtual Try-On System
(CA 2001, VC 2003)
Easy-To-Use Animation System

Motion Interpolation Using Adjectives
(NICOINT 2016)
Authoring System for Noh (Japanese Traditional) Dance Animation
(CW 2012)
Motion Database and Animation from Natural Language Texts
(VC 2010, CW 2009)
Smart Motion Synthesis
(PG 2008)
Motion Style Transformation
(CASA 2006)
Motion Capture

Real-time Markerless Motion Capture
(MIRU 2007)

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