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We have some demos and sample codes here.

Sample Codes

BVH Motion File Player (Loader and Viewer) [exe] [zip]

This is a simple C++ program that loads a BVH motion file.
It also includes a function for drawing the loaded motion using OpenGL and GLUT.


There are some demo softwares for testing the new methods that are developed in our research.
They are currently unavailable online. But you could try them if you visited our lab.
More details of the used methods are found in our research project page.

Smart Motion Synthesis (Coming Soon)

This system automatically generates a synthesized motion when a user gives short motions and thier execution timings.

Motion Control with Storkes (Coming Soon)

By drawing a stroke on the screen, the character performs verious motions.

Motion Control with a Pen (Coming Soon)

The character is controlled using a Wacom pen-tablet device.

Real-time Hair Simulation (Coming Soon)

Real-time hair simulation on GPU (requires nVidia GoForce 6 or later).

Real-time Cloth Simulation (Coming Soon)

Real-time cloth simulation. The cloth can be dragged using a mouse operation.

Reaction to Given Impacts (Coming Soon)

When a user gives the character an impact through mouse operation, the character dynamically reacts to the reaction.

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