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About Us


Oshita Lab is a research group being leaded by Associate Professor Masaki Oshita. We are a part of Department of Artificial Intelligence, Graduate School / Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology. About ten undergraduate (senior year) and graduate students (master and PhD students) are working on their research at Oshita Lab. Information about the current members is available here.


Our research area is computer graphics, more specifically, interactive computer animation techniques including:
To work on these research topics, fundamental knowledge such as programming, information systems, mathematics, machine learning including deep learning, human computer interaction, robotics and natural language processing will be required.

More details about our research are found in our research project and publication pages.

How to join us

Important notice: our research group is not currently accepting research student. If you are willing to join us, you can directly apply for the master”Ēs or PhD programs.

We welcome students and post-docs who want to study with us.
At universities in Japan, master”Ēs program is two years and PhD program is three years (or more). Details about the admission and entrance exams in our university are found at our university's website.

In the master's program at our university, although some classes are taught in English, many classes are taught only in Japanese. So, the students are expected to be fluent in Japanese.

In the PhD program, students can study in English. They do not have to be able to speak Japanese, although it is recommended to study Japanese at least a little for living in Japan. To graduate the PhD program, there is the requirement that the student is expected to publish at least three peer-reviewed papers including at least one journal paper and at least two international conference papers. It is sometimes difficult for students to fulfill this requirement in three years, especially if they do not have programming skills and research experience in the computer animation field before. Such a student is recommended to start from the master program or research student, even if they have a master”Ēs degree. The study period of the PhD program can be extended to six years at most.

Unfortunately, it is not common to pay salaries to graduate students in Japan. Students are expected to take care of their tuition and living expense by themselves. There is some information about tuition, living expense, scholarships, etc. at our university's website.

If you are a prospective master student, PhD student or post-doc, and are willing to study with us, please send your CV and research proposal to Prof. Oshita (see below for the email address) before submitting an application to the university.
Your research proposal is expected to be within or close to our research field (see above), although specific thesis theme can be determined after admission through discussion.
In addition, please send a document to explain what kinds of programming languages (e.g. C++, C#, Java) and libraries/frameworks (e.g. OpenGL, DirectX, Unity) you can use, because programming skills are required to conduct a research in our group. If you have experience of developing some software, please describe them or send the source code. If they are team products, please identify your role in the team too. It is important to see whether the applicant has enough programming skills.

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